October 26th (Wed) - 28th (Fri), 2022

Concurrent Shows: 2nd XR Fair Tokyo [AUTUMN]/NexTech Week Tokyo 2022

What is Metaverse Expo Tokyo

"Metaverse", also known as the "Internet for Next Generation", is said to be changing the nature of society and industry. Metaverse Expo Tokyo gathers all kinds of related services/technologies, and enables direct business meetings with people from all industries including PR/Advertisement/Marketing, General Affairs, Human Resources, Retailers, Media, Entertainment, Manufacturing, and Event Organisers.

Upon your request, we will send you the materials: cost estimate, available booth locations, rental display system, etc.

Considering exhibiting, merits of exhibiting, market trends, exhibitors' comments, etc. are available.

Concurrent Shows

NexTech Week Tokyo is  a comprehensive trade show gathering advanced technologies that will change the world.

XR Fair Tokyo is a B to B exhibition that gathers all the services/technologies related to virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.


Show Schedule for the Next 3 Years